Mortgage Broker
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Whether or not you’re a seasoned expert in real estate or a first home buyer venturing into unknown markets, a mortgage broker can help you clarify the market, give advice regarding your individual financial goals and circumstances, and save you precious time and legwork.

Mortgage Brokers

Wherever and whenever you are on your real estate journey, a mortgage broker can give valuable advice, guidance and support to help you gain the best benefits you can.

First Home Buyers

Gain expert advice of the current real estate market from your mortgage broker and their vast network of industry professiionals. Buying a new home when you’re a first home buyer can be intimidating. Everything you’re encountering is new, and you have no experience to know what to expect.

  • How long will finding a good loan take?
  • What steps do you need to follow to get the best out of your choice of bank?
  • Did you miss any paperwork that you should’ve done?

Your mortgage broker can help guide the whole process from start to finish. From application to settlement, as well as doing the legwork and help you search for the best home loan that suits your circumstances.

Brokers also help you do all the paperwork, as well as alert and help you apply for government incentives like the First Home Owner Grant. Additionally, many mortgage brokers are paid on commission from banks and lenders, so hiring a broker is usually of no cost to you.

Gain expert advice and support every step of the way, and eliminate the possibility of confusion and missed opportunities by going it alone.


Real Estate Mortgagde Brokers

Home loans need a revisit once in a while – interest rates fluctuate and change throughout the decades, and with interest rates at all-time lows it’s a great idea to see if your loan is still the best one for you. By switching loans to suit your current financial means and matching the market, you can save significant amounts of money in the long run.

Unfortunately, it’s a very time consuming task to DIY. Mortgage brokers have specialist software and years of experience that can help you compare loans – fast. Even better, they can do this home loan health check for free. If you decide to switch, your broker can even help you do all the legwork to make the transition as smooth as possible. They can introduce you to Estate Agents. Lawyers, Accountants and everything in between to help ease the way for your first property purchase.


Investor - Mortgage Brokers

Maximising returns is the major concern of any investor, and the way you fund your investment property can have major impact on the gains you receive. Choosing the appropriate loan therefore becomes a major concern.

Experienced mortgage brokers with good history has access to a wide range of lenders and banks, with knowledge and access to hundreds of loans – with some loans that may be exclusive to the broker. This can allow you to compare investment property loans, and contribute more information that enables you to fine-tune your investment for the best returns possible.

The better the broker, the more efficient your loan structure. Mortgage Brokers may push LVR (loan to value ratios), secure interest only components, split loans and even organise commercial bills for their clients.

Moving to a new home

Home - Mortgage Brokers

Thinking of moving to a new home, but stressed over the mortgage options available to you? Upsizing or down-sizing your life? Going through the time-consuming process of finding a loan yourself once was hard enough. Now you have new concerns, such as maybe wondering whether bridging loans are the best for your situation, or whether your current bank or lender is the best choice for you now, a few years down the line from buying your previous home.

Your mortgage broker can help you with these concerns by assessing your financials and current goals and circumstances, allowing you to make the best choice available in any stage of your life and home journey. Move with assurance with the help of your mortgage broker to smoothen the way.

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